Stayin Alive Bring Night Fever To Coppenhall Club

July 28th was a night to remember for Bee Gee’s fans, the superbly talented band of three, the amazing Stayin’ Alive UK were on our club stage and wow, just wow…..where do you start to describe a gig as good as this?

Some of you will agree we have seen many tribute bands over the years at the club but this one was right up there with the best.
It is difficult to know where to start with this one as the show was packed with hit after hit by one of the worlds most instanly recognisable trios of all time.

Jimmy, Alan & Bill are the talent behind this group, from the start you can feel the passion for their love of the Bee Gee’s from the very first note.
They certainly know how to make the audience feel like they are listening to the real band (Maurice, Robin & Barry) by presenting the music and vocal ranges of the Bee Gee’s perfectly.

They played all the massive hits that you would expect along with some that the Bee Gee’s had also written for other bands and singers over a massive career spanning from 1958 onwards.

As soon as the first set kicked off it caused a huge Chain Reaction, the crowd were straight up and couldn’t help themselves dancing to massive hits from the Bee Gee’s back catalogue such as:

  • Jive Talkin’
  • Shadow Dancing
  • You win again

Of course the night would’t be complete without probably one of the most recognisaeable songs on the planet which is obviously the track Stayin’ Alive from 1977.

Stayin Alive’ are a very hard working band, straight after the show they packed up and headed off to Kent ready to set up for their next show the very next day.
We appreciate them for coming to entertain us and giving us a fantastic night indeed.

Our recommendation of these three talented men is just not enough.
They don’t only sound like the Bee Gee’s, they look authentic too, a big cheer goes to them for wearing the long coats that rounded off that Bee Gee’s look, the room was very warm throughout the whole show.

If you love the Bee Gee’s then You Should Be Dancing to these very memorable hits at a venue near you.
You will definitely feel like you have had Too Much Heaven at one of the brilliant shows by the one and only Stayin’ Alive.

Thank you Jimmy, Alan & Bill

A big shout out goes to our fantastic Bar staff and behind the scenes team who once again were on their feet all night making Coppenhall club one of the places to be for live entertainment in the area.

We had a slight technical issue with the video audio on this gig, it is in no way a reflection of the superb sound on the evening.


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