The Members Lotto

Are you aware that each week we hold our Members Lotto?
All you need to do is ask for a form at the bar, you simply just choose four numbers between 1 & 25.

The cost to play is just £1 per card.

The numbers are drawn each week on a Sunday evening.
Results are posted on our notice board in the hallway during the following week.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The game is the forecast of 4 winning numbers which are drawn at random from the number 1 – 25.
    The numbers chosen by the subscriber are to be marked individually by crosses (X)
  2. The prize pool is 70% of the total subscriptions recieved.
  3. Should no entry forecsast all 4 numbers correctly, the jackpot will be added to that of the following draw.
  4. Any entries recieved after 8pm on the day of the draw will be deemed invalid
  5. All winners will be notified.
  6. If more than one winner, the pool will be divided equally.
  7. Draw to be made on Sunday evenings.
  8. You must add your name, date and membership number or you will not be able to claim the prize.


Why not try your luck next time you are in the club? You could be our next lucky winner!

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