Ariane Grande & Taylor Swift Tributes At The Club

May 5th brought two fantastic ladies to the club in the form of Katy Ellis as Taylor Swift & Kearra as Ariana Grande.

Kearra started the evening off with top chart hits that launched Ariana into stardom:
7 Rings
Breathe In
God Is A Woman

The passion Kearra has for Ariana shone through as she performed to the crowd.
She put all her effort into making sure everyone who attended had a brilliant time dancing to songs from a talented lady.

Next up was Katy Ellis, Katy has been a huge fan of Taylor and has studied her dress sense, dance moves and performance for many years.

We will not spoil her show, she really has a talent for Taylor Swift music and her costumes were stunning.

Kearra finished off the evening with a mix of top dance songs and some 90’s bangers.

You won’t be disappointed if you manage to catch these ladies at a venue near you, their shows are quite something.

Pictures & Text:
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The two ladies attracted quite a crowd to this event and it was open to ages 12 & over.
They were brilliant sports and had their pictures taken with our customers at the end of the night.
Can you find your photo here?

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