The People’s Vote – What Act Will You Choose?

We will soon be booking our next batch of tribute artists to perform at the club in the latter half of 2023 and we are holding a people’s vote giving our customers the chance to decide what you would all like to see.

The winning tribute from our club vote will be appearing on our stage on the evening of Friday 15th December.
You may choose upto three artists from our list or type in your own ideas.
These can be one you have seen in the club or something totally new.

Once you have voted you may come back in 3 days time to vote again.
The results of our poll will be announced on our website and social media once we have counted all of the votes.

Our poll will close at 23.59pm on 31st March.

Choose wisely and please keep it clean.
Most of all good luck with your choices!



[yop_poll id="2"]

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